Specialty Series

Nectar of the Gods

Wheat Wine Ale | ALC. 10 % | 70 IBU

MATURED IN TENNESSEE WHISKEY BARRELS FOR OVER FOUR MONTHS. This Wheat Wine Ale delivers multiple layers of flavour complexity. Comprised of 50% Wheat Malt plus a combination of Pilsner and Munich Malts. Fruity-ester characteristics are beautifully complemented by vanilla-like flavours and tannins imparted from the barrel-aging process. US Columbus Hops provide a firm bitterness and French Strisselspalt Hops present a lusty black currant flavour and balanced finish. Bottle-conditioning results in natural carbonation and sediment - pour gently. Drink now, or cellar for years.

  • Currently under redevelopment, please stay tuned for more information!
  • 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards: Silver

  • 2011 British Columbia Beer Awards: Bronze
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Specialty Series