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Hochzeitsbier - The Wedding Beer

German Wheat Ale | ALC. 5 % | 14 IBU

Grand Prize Winner, Golden Stag Home Brewing Contest, 2013

Jochen Fair's entry was originally a test recipe he was developing as the beer for his wedding. After the beer won the Russell Golden Stag Award, it was decided that it would definitely be the wedding beer. The beer was widely enjoyed by all at Jochen and Heather's wedding... so much so that 2 kegs were emptied before the cocktail hour was over! So please savour this German wheat ale and be sure to raise a glass in celebration to Jochen and Heather's marriage and to all his hard work in crafting his superb, award winning, wedding beer!

  • 750ml Champagne Cork
  • Private liquor stores
  • 2013 Golden Stag Home Brewing Contest: Grand Prize Winner
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Collaboration Series