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East West Connector Mixer Pack

Hop Therapy India Session Ale | ALC. 4.5 % | 35 IBU
Eastern Promises Czech Pilsner | ALC. 5.0 % | 35 IBU
Peaks and Valleys Extra Pale Ale | ALC. 5.7 % | 40 IBU

The name says it all for this mixer pack. From the European continent filled with Eastern Promises, through the Pacific Coastal Peaks and Valleys of corn, hops and Chilliwack, and all the way down into the West Coast, where some of us need all little Hop Therapy.

Hop Therapy India Session Ale (4 x 355ml): As Canadian we pack everything we can into the summer months. Why not try to bring this handy pack on a summer adventure? It's a seductive, stupendous, superior sessionable IPA. With a perfect use of Amarillo, Cascade and Columbus (plus a few delicate secrets) - at just 4.5% ABV there's a room for another.

Eastern Promises Czech Pilsner (4 x 355ml): Eastern Promises Always Ring True and this beer is no exception. Eastern Promises is a classic Bohemian Czech-style Pislner. Golden hue, rich and complex malt backbone from Superior Pilsner, Caramel Vienna and Munich malts. Spicy bitter and floral finish from Noble Sazz hops.

Peaks and Valleys Extra Pale Ale (4 x 355ml): Where the Fraser Valley meets the Peaks of the Coast Mountain range, our fearless brewers traveled to the remote land of Chilliwack and discovered amazing local hops called Centennial. The hop aromas of citrus and herb dance on the nose with the lightly toasted malt backbone of Gambrinus malting.

  • 12 x 355ml Can
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