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Dec 14, 2015


Timbertrain Coffee Roasters provided us with some beautifully roasted beans from the Colombia Tolima Region. The coffee is grown in the area with the altitude being 1,500 - 1,700 meters above sea level. Once the coffee cherry is picked, it is pulped, fermented in tile tanks, washed and dried on raised beds. The coffee tends to taste nutty, fruity, creamy body and clean lingering acidity.

We brewed a nicely balanced Stout with 3 different dark roasted malts to accentuate the coffee. The beer was brewed with a little less bitterness and hops than we would used ordinarily. This is to make a smooth product that is full of flavor but easy to drink. We then blended in the coffee which was cold brewed at a very concentrated rate to enhance, rather than dilute the beer flavors.