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Nov 5, 2015


We think you have to try our new Farm Fresh IPA that is available at fine beer stores now! This is our first brew of this style and the beer is outstanding.

Farm Fresh IPA is a wet hopped beer; this style is brewed with hops that have been freshly picked at the hop farm. The beauty of fresh hops is that they are at the peak of freshness and have a much different character than dried, packaged hops. We like to use these hops within 24 hours, as it doesnt take long for the hop profile to begin to degrade. Our partners at Chilliwack Hop Farms are experts at harvesting hops at the precise time they have reached maturity, which differs from one variety to the next. They brought us a load for the traditional kettle additions as well as a load the day we dry, wet hopped it (or is wet, dry hopped?)

Wet hops contain mostly water, which means that much more need to be used to obtain the desired effect. We did not spare any Centennial, Cascade or Chinook wet hops when brewing this beauty and believe the extra effort results in an extraordinary beer!

By Kevin