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Sept 16, 2015


There is a lot of love going on for our White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen. Thanks for drinking so much of this oddball brew! I didnt expect it to get this big, this quickly.

The idea was to brew a Hefeweizen, which is the German style of wheat beer, full of doughy wheat flavor and fruity, spicy yeast character and then add to the mix some of the new and exciting character hops that have become available. The goal was not to combine a Hefeweizen with an IPA but rather to add one more aspect to the Hefeweizen. It was an idea that seemed unexplored in the marketplace.

We use unmalted wheat rather than malted wheat. I believe that the flavor is better and its definitely a noticeable and important aspect of the beer.

Citra has become somewhat of a star in the hop world. If you dont know, Citra has a very complex and intense bouquet with lots of Gooseberry, Lychee, Melon and other Grape type flavors. It is the perfect complement to the yeast so much so that we decided to use it exclusively.

By Kevin