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June 13, 2015


Summer is cask season in Vancouver just in case you were unaware. Brewer Dave has been busy putting together some amazing, one of a kind casks for all the exciting events coming up this summer.

Phillips Hopoxia is always a great event and we will be bringing our amazing White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen with an extra dose of whole cone Citra hops to the party. Citra is the only hop we use in White Rabbit. Period.

With only a week for liver recovery we will then be at Central Citys Summer Cask Festival. This time we will be easing up on the hops and pouring a light, refreshing wheat beer. This is an exciting collaborative effort with O5tea. We are using their world class Kombucha to make a crazy delicious creation that is somewhat hard to classify.

There are many more casks and events to look out for. The cask program is a great way to produce an endless array of exiting beers. More than that, Cask Beer or Real Ale is the freshest and most direct way to consume beer, each one is hand filled from our tanks.

By Kevin